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Rabu, 12 September 2012

Upcoming trip - Bandung

I will leave for Bandung this weekend. Bandung known for its shopping places and factory outlets. Places in our itinerary includes:
- Rumah Mode
- Angklung Stadium
- Toko Jean
- Jalan Riau
- Tangkuban Perahu
- Paris Van Java
- Kartika Sari

Solat timetable in Bandung (local time), time difference is one-hour earlier. Refer here. Based on 12 Sept 2012.
Subuh - 4.27
Zohor - 11.46
Asar - 15.02
Maghrib - 17.47
Isya' - 18.56

Looking forward for the trip. Will definitely update some tips and experience in Bandung. By the way, this is my second trip to Bandung. My first visit was in 2010 for Jakarta-Bandung.

3 ulasan:

  1. sopping! I loike! Ngeee :-D

  2. haha ... g window sopping jek ;) ni azam trip kali ni

  3. salam sa, pay a visit to Puncak/Puncluit and try the real Sundanese food there, you gonna get a new experience. from the top of the hill u can see the whole Bandung city, lg cantek pegi waktu malam