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Rabu, 11 Julai 2012


Blogwalking is defined as an activity of a blogger to visit other bloggers site/posts and occasionally leaves comments or link back. As a result, you will get some traffic into your site.

I have nothing to write. Two weeks passed since the 'minor' operation. Still in healing process and my gum are doing good, once in a while I feel the twitch (is this the right word to describe it?) and sensation at the affected area.

Last week, I went to Universal Studio Singapore on a sponsored trip by ETIQA. Will share about it later. I took the opportunity to visit my parents at home (Johor Bahru) and short meet-up with my best friend, Fizzie and we shared good thoughts :) We shall do this more often.


Since blogging few months back, I found that news travel very fast in this blogsphere. I discovered an interesting blog by an illustrator, Emila Yusof. Its beautiful and creative. I found that she designs for many blogs and has won numerous awards. Maybe I can get her service to design my informative site 101wanitabijak in the future. And what wows me, she has children books published and that is super awesome.

Another informative blog that catch my attention is 1artikel by Firdaus Latib. Most articles published are very useful and resourceful for updates in technology, gadget, blogging and SEO as well as internet marketing. The contributing authors also have their own blog.

Informative and creative blogs are always my choice. Personal blogs can also be inspiring. But it all readers choice. I am still learning and blogging is my writing exercises towards completing my book in the near future. 

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