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Khamis, 28 Jun 2012

i lost it to a Muslim doctor

Last month I went to a dentist in Hospital Sg Buloh as I needed a procedure to remove my wisdom tooth. It was impacted and it hurts. And yesterday, was the day of the procedure. Two months back, my friend also had the same procedure, so more or less I was aware of the effect and how it will be done.

Wisdom tooth extraction is quite common procedure and it is recommended when it become painful. Because it was painful to me few months back, I have to brace myself for the i-aware-procedure-must-be-done soonest.

Of course I was nervous. But tried to calm myself and kept reminding that this removal is for good. The appointment was supposed to be on 1030am but I arrived few minute past 9.00am to get my registration done and ready for the procedure.

There were not many patients registered at that time, so I was called in about 10 minutes. After paying RM5.00, I went into the Klinik Pakar Maxillo Fasial. At 10.00am, the specialist in and yeah I was relying on her for the procedure.

Alhamdulilah, as a Muslim doctor she started the procedure with Bismillah and completed in less than half and hour. I felt the pressure but not the pain. Owh .. yes just a little bit of pain. She had to drill some of the bone for removal.

While doing the procedure, she also had discussion with junior doctors. She can do multiple jobs at hand (voices in my head). Of course she is the specialist. That's the beauty of getting a treatment from specialist. You just have to believe in them and they will do the best for you. This procedure cost me RM50.00 together with medicine.

Once a while, its worth to get treatment at Government Hospital, only that you just have to wait. Overall, the staff are very helpful. From registration counter, to the clinic and to the pharmacy. I believe patients should have positive attitude and be patient to get helps from the hospital staff. Afterall we are all human and give a smile, then the process could be better. Thumbs up for the good treatment.

Now, I am recuperating at home. Cannot talk as usual. Cannot eat as usual. Just have to eat cause I need to take the antibiotics and pain-killer. My cheek a bit swollen and there's still bleeding inside. My diet would include porridge, mashed potato, mushroom soup (blended), milo for breakfast and I am thinking of few other menus that I will 'indulge' in one to two weeks at least. And it all can only be eaten cold.

3-days leave means I have all this days to myself (but not so, since I got few smses from boss and clients). Just need to do a little bit of thinking. Alhamdulilah, just a small part of our body that belongs to Allah was removed and I have so many other good and functional system to be blessed with.

Removal of cause of the pain must be done. While you will feel the pain after removal, I hope it will be in short period of time. If you have pain inside your heart, then find ways to remove the pain, eventhough you need to endure painful process along the way. Once it is over, it will be good again. Insya Allah.

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2 ulasan:

  1. what a beautiful story dear...i managed to read between the line..:) apa yang tersirat & the closing is very meaningful. get well soon!

  2. thank you kak :) my ramblings cos i cannot talk about this 'live' hahaha. and yes the closing is meant as a reminder for me >_<