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Sabtu, 31 Disember 2011

No Service

Yesterday was the last working day in 2011. Actually, it was not the last for me and my colleagues because this afternoon we went for an appointment with one client to complete the case, but unfortunately, we need to do amendment. I'll write about it later.

What happened yesterday? I was lost. I lost connection with my friends and colleagues. I could not communicate with them in the afternoon. The fact that I was having an appointment outside the office making it even worse. Luckily, I managed to meet my client before the phone lost its connection.

She is very helpful and allow me to use her phone to call my staff. I felt so terrible. And I felt horrible that I needed to make sure my other client did not feel offended. When I finished the discussion with her, I tried few times to contact him through my phone but failed.

At last, before getting into the train I called him through the public phone. It's been years since the last time I use this service. When the most sophisticated mobile phone is not functioning (my phone is not that sophisticated, anyway, its mobile phone. It is supposed to be functioning whenever you are as long as the battery is on), my hope was that I can communicate through the public phone.

To the next station and still hopeful that I will be able to contact my friend to ask whether she is available to meet yesterday. Again, I was frustrated and tried public phone at the mall. And again, I was disappointed to find that all public phones cannot be use due to some technical problems. To add to my dismay, the internet outlet's staff gave me an odd question, no, it's not odd, it's rude. Do you want to know?

Me: Kat sini ada perkhidmatan telefon ke?
Hers: Sapa bagi tau kat sini boleh telefon? sini cuma ada internet saja.
Me: Takde sape bagitau, saja nak tanya ...
Hers: You boleh tanya kat concierge

The concierge later, allowed me to make one short phone call. It ended there.

When this happened, I felt helpless but I reminded myself. I just lost connections with people, friends, clients. What if I lost connection with Allah? When you know that you are unable to communicate with the one you knew, you just need to be calm and always remember that Allah is there. Only Allah will provide you the security. But what have you done to get Allah's protection?

Expect 'NO SERVICE' from human or human's invention. But you can ask or pray to Allah to safeguard you from harm and danger. Insya Allah.

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