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Selasa, 20 Disember 2011

I-City, Shah Alam

Last week, my sister and her family came to KL to spend the weekend. Since its school holiday, my nieces and nephews kept asking the mom to take them to I-City. My eldest sister and her family was here on Wednesday, but I could not join them because I was working the next there and they just arrived here around 1030am.

This time, its Friday and I told them to be early and expecting a big crowd in I-City. So, this was my second time visiting I-City eventhough its just 10 minutes from where I stay. I-City is a special place developed with citylight concept. You can see digital lights forming in many structures from flowers, trees, animals and many more. It draws crowd from all over. That's why, my nieces and nephews are so excited about it. In fact you can see the light from Federal Highway.

We need to pay RM10 per entry. There are many attractions compared to my first visit when they initially opened. The most sought after is the Snowalk. It is a build-in facility to emulate winter season and many ice structures are formed inside. We queued for about half hour for tickets. Ticket fares are RM25 for adult and RM20 for child. Family package set at RM85 for 2 adult and 2 children.

The boys, lining up for the jacket
Already inside
So many visitors, easily 200-300 in the hall and lining up to go inside. We had to rent boot for RM10 per pair and paid deposit of RM50 cause it'll be wet inside. Jacket is included in the fare.

ala Phua Chu Kang
The kids are overwhelmed. But for me, it just so-so. Even though the attraction is one of its own in Malaysia, but services is nothing to be proud of. The jackets were not clean and smelly, the rental fare for that kind of boot is exorbitant. In my opinion, they should limit no of visitors at any one time and maintain the cleanliness of the attire. If you ever want to visit this place and you happen to have your own winter jacket, please bring your own. While I was there, I did not see any foreign tourist. I guess almost 90% of the visitors are Malaysian.

Nevertheless, all my nieces and nephews were spot on and taking a lot of pictures in there. After all, this is their time to play.

We went outside and had a ride on Pirates Ship for RM5/person. Its 12.30 and we had a short walk and got back home around 1.30 am.

p/s: my friend write a review on I-City, she went day a week earlier. read here.

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