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Isnin, 5 Disember 2011

Belum Rainforest Getaway

It was my dear friend idea, Dr Teamint to have another getaway in December. Yeah ... after Mabul and Kota Kinabalu retreat in October, I felt excited for another trip in December. She purchased the package for Belum Rainforest Getaway from Groupon. At that time the package price was RM599 for 2 person.

The details of this getaway:

Location: Belum Rainforest Resort, Grik, Perak
Period: 3D2N
Total Cost: RM599 (Package) plus RM350 (transportation, lunch & dinner, etc)
Activities: Night trekking, Island cruise and Bamboo rafting
Get there: By car, from KL to Belum Rainforest
Route: Shah Alam - Ipoh via Lebuhraya Guthrie, then into Lebuhraya Plus, exit at Kuala Kangsar, follow sign to Grik.
Pitstop: Lunch @ Persiaran Sayong Kuala Kangsar (KL - Belum Resort), Lunch @ Tesco Station 18, Ipoh (Belum Resort - KL)

RM2.50 per set of apam, Persiaran Sayong Kuala Kangsar
Small town, Persiaran Sayong
It took 3 hours to reach Kuala Kangsar. We take Lebuhraya Guthrie from Shah Alam and into PLUS. Then, take the exit at Kuala Kangsar. Its lunch time, so we had a simple lunch with Ikan Bakar Talapia. We continued the journey to Grik which took us another 2 hours or so.

Superior Room
The room is quite spacious, but no TV. I think they intentionally did not install one, as for you to experience serene stay at the resort. So that you can hear the 'cengkerik' at night. 

Belum Rainforest Resort is developed by EMKAY. It started operation in 2008 and now still developing. In fact, there are construction currently going on at site for additional facility. I think its a good move to have a comprehensive development to promote Eco Tourism. It has gain popularity. A group of European tourist, an elderly group was there for the weekend.

Ready for island cruise @ 930am

There are more pictures. But being there was a great relief. You just have to enjoy the great scenery and breathtaking view. Its a must visit for nature lovers. I am already set to go there again and I'll plan to take the Royal Belum Discovery package and hope to view the Rafflesia blooming, if I am lucky.

2 ulasan:

  1. Pernah lalu, x pernah singgah...

  2. good stay :) back to nature ... really recommended. mula-mula nervous gak nak drive lalu jalan yang tak pernah lalu. tapi all okay ... sebab cuaca pun mendung2 je .. tak panas sangat