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Rabu, 23 November 2011

Law of Attraction

I slept late last night. Something happened to this blog, and I had it fix there and then. So, I did not have complete beauty sleep as they said. I had a meeting at 930 am in Kajang. Eventhough I prepared, the day started not so well when I spilled my morning 'breakfast' (oatmeal drink) over the table.

I was not in the mood, so I kept my conversation to the minimal. Then, I realized I need to fix myself and don't let this incident ruin all my plan for today. Alhamdulilah, I reached the client's office and we (me and boss) met the director. The conversation begun well and I am on the game.

I never thought that I'd be doing this. But I did. I seems to have positive impact on people (perasan la kejap :) I did not know, I won't know. They said, you have to do it yourself and you will learn it. This few weeks, sometime I felt down. Whenever I met clients, I felt good. Especially when they appreciate what you do and mentioned that you have done a good job. I think the law of attraction really works. If you do good, you'll have good results and good people coming to you. In terms of business, you'll get more business. Insya Allah.

One more thing, give credit to others when they deserve it. They'll be happy. I hope I can maintain this composure. However, I'm still unsure if I want to continue to do this work in the future.

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