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Khamis, 17 November 2011

Kota Kinabalu Retreat

Five days after coming back from Mabul, I had another trip to Sabah. This trip was sponsored by ETIQA and 200 people participate in the convention. I was fortunate that the schedule did not clash with my Mabul trip. We only got the invitation a month before. It was double week retreat for me. It's awesome.

It's totally different kind of retreat compare to Mabul Trip. This time around, I stayed in Shangri La Tanjung Aru Resort. I was overwhelmed. The resort is beautiful. The environment is serene. It's luxury in here.

We arrived at the resort almost 1 pm. After check in, we did not have any activity yet. I took the opportunity to walk around. It's breathtaking. The sky was clear blue and sea breeze sweeping at your face like cold feather. There were many tourists lay beside the swimming pool and at the beach. Reading or just laying to get the skin tanned.

The event management company said this is the best resort in Kota Kinabalu. Yeah, I can vouch for it :)

I stayed at the seaview room with private balcony. In fact, all rooms has it own private balcony. Okay, enough about the hotel.

We're given an itenery for the 3-day convention. The event started with an BBQ dinner. It's raining that night, so we had the BBQ by the terrace, instead at the beach. It was fun that night, we had a simple and light activities while enjoying the dinner.

I practically knew only 2 people from Klang Branch. It's only me from my company. But I had a great  company during the convention. I met agents from Seremban Branch. They are awesome, so the rest of the convention.


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