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Jumaat, 18 November 2011

Kota Kinabalu Retreat (2)

Day 2. We started the day at 8am, after breakfast at Tatu Cafe. The group divided into two groups and there were 6 buses altogether. The destinations for second day are Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Springs. The journey to Kinabalu Park took almost 2 hours for 88km. Along the way, we stopped at Pekan Nabalu. They build look out point and we can see Gunung Kinabalu from here. There are stalls for handicraft and the view is breathtakingly beautiful. 

After 20-minute-stop, the journey continued. The first group stopped at Kinabalu Park and had their lunch there whilst the second group proceeded to Poring Hot Spring. I was in the second group. Kinabalu Park is approx 1500m above sea level while Poring Hot Spring is approx 1000m above sea level. It took another half hour from Kinabalu Park to Poring Hot Spring.

The restaurants are managed by Sutera Harbour. They privatised the operation since two years ago. We had lunch and spend the rest around Poring Hot Spring for another hour.

There were locals coming here for picnic and canopy walk. The facilities are good and clean area for public. After solat, we gathered and continued the journey to Kinabalu Park.

Gwen (second from right), the tour guide. She is Kadazan Dusun.
Kinabalu Park actually the starting point for those who want to climb Gunung Kinabalu. Here in the park, they have rare orchids for closer look.


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