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Rabu, 7 September 2011

New vs Old

Past few days were pretty slow for me. Nevertheless, we had programs lined up for next week. That means, its going to be full swing until end of month. I am scheduled for weekend trip to Perak in two weeks. Final week of September, we'll have a promotion booth in one of multinational companies in Cyberjaya.

A little intro ... whilst the week started slow, at last I decided to replace my specs. I have been dreading and delaying it for sooo long ... (how long?). Its time to get the new one. So, it feels different now. Not only I got a new specs, I also traded-in the old ones. This is first time I do this. Have you ever heard of such promotion before?

It just specs. But suddenly rasa sayang pulak to trade-in. Since, I have paid all so there's no turning back. Huhu ... it'll do good. Save the environment! (Apa kena mengena plak) Save the storage la ... whatever.

One good thing, I got new look :) Another good thing, my so-called 'power kerabunan jauh' telah menurun sedikit berbanding sebelum ini. Thank you Allah for this nikmat. 

Hmm... thinking of having Lasik treatment pula lepas ni :)

IMHO: New thing in your life will bring difference, but old thing will remain in your remembrance. Always for the positive & good effect. Insya Allah.

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