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Ahad, 7 Ogos 2011

5 Ramadhan 1432H - Humble and Happy

It's Friday. Everyone knows it. But I just wanted to mention it. Usually, I will have a good day on Fridays. I was nervous in the morning because I was expected for an appointment with an important client. She postponed the meeting that was supposed to be on Monday. I was relieved. For this appointment (Friday), I was much prepared.

I reached at her office at 1200 noon. She is a busy high official in the organization. Actually she is a consultant anaesthesiologist. Without her, the operations cannot go, you know what I mean :)

I presented the draft as per our discussion two weeks ago. We did discuss few issues and I need to come back to her on few other matters. It was a success. What she said really make me feel appreciated. I smile. When a client like her said something positive, that means I have done a good service.

She said she is so happy because she thought it was a difficult process, but it's not when I make it easier for her. She feels so relieved (lega) now that she has taken the steps to have a very important plan in place. I also got the potential to have more business with her. Alhamdulilah.

Humble. Eventhough she is a specialist in her area, she accepted that on certain matters there are lacking. It does not matter as she said we can always get advice from the expert. I admire her for this. I will always remember this.
Lagi banyak ilmu yang kita dapat, sebenarnya lebih banyak yang tidak kita ketahui.  
I like meeting positive people. This will recharge myself to be a positive person.

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  1. anaes pun orang juga, heheheehe.... doktor ni cuma tahu bidang dia jer, bidang lain zero knowledge kebanyakannya..... apatah lah lagi kalau melibatkan kewangan... hehehehe