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Khamis, 21 Julai 2011

Macaron & Soft Cheese Cake

Macaron frenzy it seems. I tasted my first macaroon (or macaron) last year after following multiple entries by Not So Humble Pie which I ordered from a baker in Bangsar. At that time, not many outlets are selling macaroon, those temperament cookies. All of a sudden (not so lah ...), macaroon frenzied over patisseries' kitchen. Today, my friend brought me four little macaroons from Chocolat World. Owh sooo sweet little cookies.

Surely, you cannot eat all at once. But I can accept the sweetness. Along with our chit-chatting this evening. It was fruitful. We catch up on things over macaroons & coffee. Guess what, today I ate more sugar than necessary with a slice of cheese cake which was irresistible over lunch and nasi lemak bungkus for breakfast.

IMHO: I am overload with sugars ...

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  1. Hoho. penah tengok lam masterchef australia.. nampak cam best jer.. macam oreo