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Khamis, 13 Mei 2010

interesting statistic of my class

6 days remaining to my exam days. i ponder on some interesting statistics of my classmates. its an IFP program (Islamic Financial Planning) established under FPAM & IBFIM. one of the lecturer said that this is rather a very small class compares to what he usually have. how small it is? he usually talks to at least 40-60 students in the lecture halls @ the university. nevertheless he enjoyed teaching this small class.

classmates: 14
muslim: 7 (50%)
non-muslim: 7 (50%)
youngest student: age 25
oldest student: age 62
malay: 7
chinese: 5
indian: 1
eurasian: 1
roles in organization: Vice President, Head of Department, Managers, Self Employed
organizations: OSK, Manulife, AKPK, Public Mutual, Uni Asia, Bank Islam, MNRB, MAA Takaful, Moreclass (me)

how many of us will pass? what is the chance of me passing?
anyhow, i learn that there's no stop in learning ... i learn that Islamic teaching is for all Muslim n Non-Muslims. i hope that the non-muslims in the class would really see and appreciate how beautiful Islam is.

the rest, it's up to me now .. to struggle for the exam days! chayyok2