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Jumaat, 22 Mei 2009

Falsafah Melayu & makanan

"Fasal inilah, ertinya Melayu itu umpama pucuk kayu, yakni melayukan dirinya umpama pucuk kayu, bukan kerana ia layu akibat panas atau kena api, tetapi melayukan diri itu kerana ia merendahkan diri tidak mahu membesarkan diri. Tingkah lakunya terjaga. Lemah lembut tidak berlebih-lebihan. Tidak pula kurang-kurang. Tidak mamang.

".... Melayu itu sederhana. Melayu itu majlis orangnya. Adapun maksud majlis ialah tidak mengada-ngada.

".... Majlis itu tidak mengada-ngada.Sentiasa ia menjaga budi, pandai menyimpan diri. Itu sebabnya kira dinamakan Melayu. Nah, makanan Melayu itu tidak seperti makanan nyonya, tidak seperti makanan orang mamak, tidak seperti makanan Arab, tidak pula kurang tak berasa. Mesti majlis sahaja.

"... makanan Melayu itu jangan lupa menyubur hati, menyubur jantung, akhir sekali menyubur otak kerana makanan itu mesti baik untuk jasmani lagi rohani. Ada hadis diriwayatkan Bukhari berbunyi begini 'Di dalam tubuh badan ada seketul daging yang apabila baik daging itu maka baiklah seluruh tubuh badan dan daging itu adalah hati.

"Itulah tuan-tuan, kita tampilkan masakan atau makanan Melayu itu mestilah tak lepas dari empat rasa. Tak boleh tidak mesti masam, mesti manis, mesti pedas dan mesti lemak. Adalah masam itu lambang kurang. Andai manis itu lambang lebih. Jadi haruslah seimbang antara masam dan manis.

"Meski merendah diri Melayu itukan masih tegas, maka harus pedas, dan kerana Melayu itu banyak tolak ansurnya maka harus juga sentiasa lemak. Kalau terlebih lemak tidak boleh juga, tidak juga Melayu itu tersangat pedas, sangat masam apatah lagi, kalau terlalu manis memudaratkan diri."


petikan dari Ketupat Cinta, Faisal Tehrani 2009

Khamis, 7 Mei 2009

What I learn from IKEA

It was Tuesday, three days before my first exam seating. I wonder how and where is the best place to maximize my time left revising the chapters. The fact is that one friend suggested library which seems to be the perfect place to study, but (there's a BUT), I don't think its the perfect place for me. Since school days, I was not a 'library' person. So, I chose IKEA. I think the place is cool but not sure whether I can really study there.

But then, truly, I spent three days practically in more hours than I've been spending in any shopping complexes. To my amazement, its not only me thinking that IKEA can be a place for you to read book (read: book for exam), until Thursday I identified at least 5 people reading, at least 6 people seriously engaging in business meeting (eventhough in a far from formal environment), at least 5 people came for two-days in a row, many families come by for shopping and eating @ IKEA food (its school holidays!), couples taking day off and having eating-out.

More car park spaces @ 10am (on Wed), the car park get crowded by 11am (on Thurs). The IKEA food get crowded by 12 noon. Families and white-collar workers and professionals having lunches here. The menu is simple, self serve, you'll have your selected menu in less that a minute. The thing is queuing takes longer.

I was reading, looking, eating, looking, reading, coffeing, reading, wondering how's IKEA has changed the way people think (some of us think). For individual shoppers, can they make their home a wonder buying items in IKEA, or buying the IKEA ideas. For interior designers, could they challenged their capabilities using IKEA ideas. For photographers, could a corner inspired them for a great picture. For parents, could it be the place to have some fun with the children (it seems, the children like this place too). For business owners, could they be inspired making decisions here, in IKEA! For people like me, certainly, can used up the time left for reading, truly reading!

IKEA has a system I recognized. The signs talk (not really talking la ... ), guiding shoppers on what to do, where to go. Price tags assist shoppers for budget and planning. Not withstanding, there's also IKEA personnel to assist shoppers. You pick, you pay, you assemble @ home.

To IKEA lovers, no more plastic bag effective from 5 June 2009. Now, they joined the Green campaign. You still need plastic bags? Its RM0.10 or RM0.20. Its another culture helping the environment (Note: they also will save a would-be-quite-substantial-figure in doing so!) 93% of Malaysian said they should use fewer plastic bags. (Note: IKEA uses survey results extensively to substantiate their marketing effort)

The end of third day. For the three-day period, I enjoyed two Swedish meals and another simple yet delectable French inspired cuisine, Crepe. What a great way to study + lunch + observe.